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I need a good attention-getter for my paper on Brutus as a tragic hero.My thesis is: In...

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I need a good attention-getter for my paper on Brutus as a tragic hero.

My thesis is: In William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Brutus is portrayed as a tragic hero, because he exhibits such flaws as foolishness, idealism, and self-righteousness, which eventually lead to his downfall and tragic death.

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A good quotation with which to start your paper on Brutus as the tragic hero of William Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' is with Marc Anthony's epitaph: 'This was the noblest Roman of them all.' Of the conspirators, only Brutus acted out of unmixed philosophical ideals. What makes this such a tragic circumstance is that Brutus and Caesar genuinely cared for one another, but Brutus felt that because Caesar would be a good tyrant, he would cause tyranny to become firmly entrenched in Rome, and thus, paradoxically, Brutus murdered Caesar because of his good qualities. This opening quotation allows you to move on to discuss the nobility of Brutus, one of the major themes of the play.


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