I need a full page summary on Ch18, can you help?

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Some of the main happenings include:

  • Shmuel and the men who tried to escape were executed by firing squad.
  • Fayge went to Shmuel to be united with him in death under God's canopy, the sky.
  • Wolfe, Rivka's brother, was one of the men who carried off the dead. He carried Fayge in his arms tenderly.
  • Rivka, Hannah, Shifre, and Esther were getting water from the pump when a guard came up to get three more victims for the ovens to have a full load.
  • Hannah was to be spared, but she saved Rivka by taking her head scarf and putting it on herself.
  • As the girls are led away to Lilith's Cave, Hannah told her final story to the girls about the girl she was in the future and how the Holocaust would be remembered.

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