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Need exact wording for a Bible quotation: "Thou knittest me together in my...

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Need exact wording for a Bible quotation: "Thou knittest me together in my mother's womb." 

I want to use the quotation as caption for a printout of my granddaughter's first sonogram, taken at about 3 months gestation. The printout will be included in a picture album that will be a part of her personal history.   

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There are, unfortunately, many different legitimate wordings, because this is a translation. Therefore, you'll want to select one that you like best in terms of meaning and sound.

 Visit this site: http://bible.cc/psalms/139-13.htm


You'll see several different translations of that verse, including the following:

For You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. (New American Standard Bible)

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The previous post has some good suggestions, but if you wanted to be more scholarly, you could always try to get the verse in either Hebrew or Greek. If you go with the Hebrew, you would be most likely using the Masoretic text and if you go with the Greek, you will be using the Septuagent. There is a third option, which might be the best.  You can ask someone who knows the languages (and there will be people of people - either clergy or a university religion department) and ask them to translate it with you. In this way, you can personalize the translation. If you want to do it in Greek, you can contact me. Finally, here is another website that has many bible translations:



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