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National History Day Topic of 2011?  They are Soccer Diplomacy and Food Processing the...

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National History Day Topic of 2011?  

They are Soccer Diplomacy and Food Processing the book The Jungle; which one would be a good tpoic out of these two. Are these good topics?Also if you have any primary sources please share and thats all thank you very much!!!

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I am afraid I can be of no help. I will observe that soccer diplomacy sounds interesting, and that I am aware that Upton Sinclair is said to have exaggerated and distorted, even fabricated; however that may be, there were proplems in the food processing industry, but I don't know where for you to look.

Well, yes I do. Most state supported universities allow state residents to use their library. Go to or call or email the nearest one to you and speak to the reference librarian. Tell the reference librarian what you need. You will get all kinds of help.

I went on line to the library web site of a state supported university near to me and searched for "meat packing and history". I found the following two book-titles.

Chicago's pride : the stockyards, Packingtown, and environs in the nineteenth century / Louise Carroll Wade (1987)

Prime cut : livestock raising and meatpacking in the United States, 1607-1983 / Skaggs, Jimmy M (1986)

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Soccer diplomacy? It might be interesting to see where you get from there. You could argue that soccer is so popular around the world that we can use it to create common ground between very different cultures. It's the idea behind the olympics, and I could see if work here.

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