Name the two goddesses who hold Odysseus captive in "The Odyssey".Who are the witch and the nymph who hold Odysseus captive against his will while on his travels home from the Trojan War?


The Odyssey

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The goddess/witch is Circe.  She turns his men to swine and he ends up staying there for a year before he leaves.  Then the other goddess/nymph is Calypso.  She keeps him on her island for seven years.  She wants him for herself, but he longs to go home to his wife.  Zeus finally tells her that she must let him go.

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The goddess Circe who was daughter to Helius and Perse, and Calypso who lived on Ogygia, stayed with Odysseus on their lands at different times when he was on his way to Ithaca from the Trojan War. Circe is the witch while Calypso is the nymph.

Odysseus and his men arrived at Aeaea. He sent them to explore the land where they meet Circe who turned them into swine, although one of the men escapes and informs Odysseus. Odysseus goes to rescue his men and receives help from Hermes. He succeeds, and Circe offers to take care of them, which she does for a year before she reluctantly let them go.

Odysseus is later washed ashore as the only surviving member of his crew to the island of Ogygia, where Calypso lived. Calypso holds Odysseus on the island and keeps him as her husband for seven years until Athena reminds Zeus of the situation. Zeus intervenes and Odysseus is reluctantly freed by Calypso and allowed to go back home to Ithaca.


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