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Name some of the figures of speech in "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde.I am writing a...

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unairsa | Student, Undergraduate | eNoter

Posted November 30, 2010 at 2:44 AM via web

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Name some of the figures of speech in "The Happy Prince" by Oscar Wilde.

I am writing a term paper on Figures Of Speech in the Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde. Can anybody help? I am kind a depressed! :/

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jmj616 | Middle School Teacher | (Level 3) Associate Educator

Posted November 30, 2010 at 8:27 AM (Answer #1)

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Please, don't be depressed about a silly little term paper.  You'll write a great paper about the Happy Prince, and some day you'll meet one, too!

SIMILE (comparisons using "like" or "as"):

a) "He is as beautiful as a weathercock";

b) "He looks just like an angel";


ALLITERATION (repetition of initial consonant sounds):

a) "Charity Children"

b) "Mathematical Master"

c) "lady-love"

d) "Palace of San-Souci"


PERSONIFICATION (human abilities and traits are assigned to non-human beings):

a) "'Shall I love you?' said the Swallow";

b) "The eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with tears, and tears were running down his golden cheeks";

METAPHOR (comparisons that do not use "like" or "as"):

a) So he flew round and round her, touching the water with his wings, and making silver ripples (the ripples in the water are not actually silver; they only look like silver);


ANAPHORA (repetition of a phrase):

a) "Swallow, Swallow, little Swallow," (this is repeated 6 times, near the end of the story).

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