My topic is elegy in James Wright's poetry.Can anyone tell me how can i divide this into two chapters?plz suggest me titles for these chapters.Plz tell me which points i should discuss in these two...

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James Wright's poetry definitely features a strong death motif.  I think in your case as you are brainstorming for the organization of your paper, you would be best served by making a topical outline.  You need to expand your research on his poetry, and I would recommend making notecards for key points on your elegy idea.  Make multiple notecards for every poem that you are considering using.  On each notecard, put a brief phrase for a title heading on the very top line, like "Death imagery" or "color symbolism."  I know that you are using "At the Executed Murderer's Grave" and possibly the "On the Skeleton of a Hound," so those might be possible areas of focus as well; however, I caution you to expand your focus--use more poems--if this is for your thesis, you want a broader reach in your research.

Then, take your notecards and lay them out on a large table or desk; start grouping them in ways that make sense to you.  If you see that you have more than four to six notecards all about death symbolism in different poems, you may want to consider that for one of your major areas of focus. 

I highly recommend that you spend some time researching and developing your analysis before you try to start organizing the actual paper.  You will have a much easier time of it if you understand your research and material as a whole.  James Wright's poetry is rich and complex, and your 'Elegy' idea is an excellent one.  With a little careful organization, you will be able to tackle this assignment much more easily.


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