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 My nieces birthday was a week ago if I gave her a $20 twenty dollar ,  my mother...

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hotmamma18 | Student, College Freshman | (Level 1) Honors

Posted April 19, 2013 at 4:45 PM via web

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 My nieces birthday was a week ago if I gave her a $20 twenty dollar ,  my mother quadripples that ammount, not only that, but her mother tripples that ammount.  By The time she went home she knew she had a lot of money, but how much excaly did she have? with the $20, mother quaddripling this ammount and her mother trippling it. How much money does my niece have all together.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 3) Educator Emeritus

Posted April 19, 2013 at 5:16 PM (Answer #1)

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If you take the first $20 dollars and, like your problem says, you "quadripple" the $20, what you are doing is adding four times the additional amount. You can do this either by adding, or by multiplying 20 X4, which would make $80 dollars (20+20+20+20).

Those $80 dollars, according to your problem, are then trippled. This means that there is three times the original amount. For this you either add or multiply 80 X3 (80 + 80 + 80) which equals $240. Hence, your niece will have a total of $240.00 at the end.


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