Murder, Marriage, and Insanity From Claudius's, Hamlet's, Ophelia's, Polonius's, Laertes's, or Gertrude's point of view  What do they think about the murder of the king? What do they think about...

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Obviously the murder of King Hamlet traumatizes his son, and changes his life forever. But even before his encounter with the ghost, Hamlet is horrified that his mother has remarried so soon after the death of his father. As for insanity, Hamlet makes it fairly clear at various points in the play that he will adopt an "antic disposition" in order to gain revenge on Claudius. However, there are various points in the play, particularly in his soliloquies when he reveals the depths of his melancholy, that it is difficult to believe he is not mentally unbalanced.

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Claudius likely thinks the murder of the king was necessary.  People who commit murder usually have a way of justifying it to themselves and to any followers they may have.  Just because the murder is not justifiable does not mean they won’t find a way.

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