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Should we consider rape, domestic assault, a "transactions"?

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Should we consider rape, domestic assault, a "transactions"?

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Rape is a legal term. UCR/FBI defines as an non-consensual act between a man and a woman where there is penetration of anatomical parts. 

Domestic assault is a legal term. Two persons who have a relationship/emotional connection which involves harrassment, physical violence and or verbal threats. The law defines actus reas, mens reas, causation, harm (act, state of mind, cause and harm).

Transaction is defined as an agreed upon action between two parties that may result in an outcome. 

Rape and domestic assault are legally not classed as an agreed upon action, even if the act was originally a transaction, originally agreed upon or resulted in an outcome.

Rape and domestic assault are criminal acts, not transactions free of  cause and harm. 

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