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What was ideology which influenced the creation of the utopian socialism?A. Marxism B....

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What was ideology which influenced the creation of the utopian socialism?

A. Marxism

B. Capitalism

C. Anarchism

D. Imperialism

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Utopian Socialism is by definition is misleading. It is more accurate to view this socialist concept as being "scientific." By analyzing the choices provided one can use the process of elimination: imperialism is the concept of gaining satellite countries to benefit nations economy; anarchism is the belief of overthrowing/or maintaining chaos in ones nation to keep leadership on their toes; and capitalism is the belief that those that work hard will prosper ahead all others. All three of these responses are contrary to the very concept of socialism itself. Socialism is the belief in economic equality. Utopian and/or scientific socialism was first introduced by two authors who wrote The Communist Manifesto in 1848; they were Frederich Engels and Karl Marx. However, interesting enough utopian socialism was more to Engels philosophical beliefs than that of Marx. Regardless the correct response is A... Marxism.

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