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Which of the following works would be most likely to agree with the statement...

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Which of the following works would be most likely to agree with the statement below?

Business owners are allowed to keep their private status, but they have to produce goods and make profists in the interests of the state. Corporations are encouraged to expand by being given the use of stae capital and labour. The government itself is the largest  buyer of goods and services and if the government wants military equipment, the production of consumer goods is cut back.


To further clarify the description in the above source, which of the following primary sources would be most useful?

A. Das Kapital, by Karl Marx

B. Mein Kampf, by adolf Hitler

C. The Wealth of Nations By Adam Smith

D. Two Treaties on Government by John Locke

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The only possible answer to this question is B.  The system described is compatible only with the Nazis' ideology.

The system that is described above cannot be either communism or capitalism.  In communism, the means of production are not left in private hands.  Therefore, the idea that businesses will still be owned by private citizens is incompatible with Marx.  However, the statement is also incompatible with capitalism.  In a capitalist system, state labor is not given to private companies.  Neither are private companies made to produce goods "in the interest of the state."

This is, instead, a statement of Naziism or fascism.  In a fascist system, companies remain private but are expected to act in close coordination with the government.

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