In the movie that was made for To Kill a Mockingbird, what one character was well done in the film.  Why/how was it well portrayed?  In the movie that was made for To Kill a Mockingbird, what one...

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Gregory Peck had so much in common with Atticus Finch that it was perfect casting. His great use of pauses and deliberation before he spoke so perfectly fit the character drawn by Harper Lee.  Since his personal warmth and generous belief in mankind really was not acting, Peck easily becme Atticus Finch.

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I enjoyed the performance of James K Anderson as Bob Ewell. He was a repellent character in the novel, as he 'crowed' in the witness stand, and I was further repulsed by Anderson's menacing performance. He often played the outlaw.

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All of the children did a wonderful job being the "little people" with the big voices in regards to the themes of the novel and the movie. Scout, Jem and Dill are all spot-on in their early childishness and their growing maturity in regards to the unjust trial of Tom Robinson. They all make you see the injustice through their innocent eyes.

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Actually, I think that every actor in that movie did an exceptionally good job. Gregory Peck obviously did a fantastic Atticus Finch, one of my favorite characters in all of literature and film. But the little girl who played Scout was also exceptional. I think it is one movie that is almost as good as the book, and that is a tall order with To Kill a Mockingbird!
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As others have mentioned, Gregory Peck's performance is widely considered one of the greatest in film history. The rest, with the exception of Duvall, have been largely overlooked, and neither of the performers who played Scout or Jem parlayed their roles into lengthy acting careers. Mary Badham was, however, nominated for an Oscar, though she didn't win.

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It would be hard to argue with the casting of Gregory Peck as Atticus, who creates the definitive Atticus Finch in one of the greatest performances in film history. Peck not only one the Oscar for Best Actor, he consistently ranks in the Top 10 lists of greatest movie performances, and his role is generally considered the best-ever portrayal of an attorney on film. The film also marks the debut of actor Robert Duvall as Boo Radley--a small but pivotal role played by a man who will go on to become one of America's most dependable actors.

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Gregory Peck is outstanding in his portrayal as Atticus Finch, but that’s no big surprise. He was already an established actor in 1962 when the movie was released.

A strong case can be made for Mary Badham, who played the role of Scout. Ms. Badham was nine or ten at the time the movie was made. Her role was complicated by the fact that the story is intended to be seen through her eyes. Although this is not as obvious in the movie as it is in the book, the voice-over still indicates that Scout is the lens through which the events are to be interpreted. This required that a ten-year-old girl show a little more depth than one would normally expect.

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