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If a minor child is not abused or neglected what other reason can the guardianship be...

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If a minor child is not abused or neglected what other reason can the guardianship be terminated in the state of Michigan?

my coworker got pegnant asked if i would like to adopt.. was told by the court that i needed to get power of attorny first for 6 months. then get guardianship,then adopt. was granted guardianship then 2 1/2 years later file for adoption, court say my partners background is issue she moves out. says rent is issue get letter from landlord stateing they r working with me, states stateaid is not a way to raise child showed them i had my state issued licence for having a daycare in my home and i had 3 children i was caring for just waiting for my provider # in the mail..says no driver licence is issue i didn't have one whwn they granted me guardianship and my first 6 checks from child care was automaticly take for my licence. now they won't let me see, know anything, or call this child...won't place at grandparents house because the r not blood related to the women that gave up this child, even after the went through fostercare classes.

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This is a very complex problem because of the details you have described. You really need a specialist to provide you with an appropriate answer for your situation.

Your best bet is to contact your County Bar Association for a referral to a local Michigan attorney.  Attorneys will often give 1/2 to one hour of free advice or provide a consultation at a very low cost.  You can also contact the State Bar of Michigan in Lansing and ask them for a referral.

Lastly, try the link below.  It provides information of Michigan guardianship law.  This may give you some ideas how the law applies to your situation.



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