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A middle school student  give an oral presentation at his class. How can this student...

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A middle school student  give an oral presentation at his class. How can this student better evaluate his presentation:

1. By watching a vedio tape of his presentation

2. By listening a audio tape of his presentation

3. By reviewing the self-question checklist that  he passes to his classmates.

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In my opinion, all of these would be good ways for the student to evaluate his presentation.  However, if you had to pick one, I would argue that the video would be the best way to evaluate the presentation.

The checklist would be a pretty good way, but I would worry that many of the students would not answer it honestly or would not put much thought into it.  If they do answer well, this would be the best way because it would tell the student how others perceived him.

Otherwise, the video is the best way.  This is because the student will be able to both hear the way he sounds and see the way he looks.  By watching himself, he will find out what his body language is like, how well he makes eye contact with the audience, and other visual things that go into making an effective speech.

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I also agree that all three methods are good ways for the student to do some self reflection. I can see a problem that may occur with the third option-the checklist that he will give to his classmates. By this I am assuming that his classmates will evaluate his speech. Middle school can be pretty tough and sometimes students will rate other students based on whether they like them or not. A good way to tackle this potential problem may be for the teacher to set specific guielines regarding evaluating others and count these evaluations as a grade for each individual student.

I think that the best option here is for the presenter to watch a video tape of his presentation. This will allow the student to not only to hear his speech but view his non-verbal actions as well.

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