A microwave draws 5.0A when it is connected to a 120V outlet. If electrical energy cost $0.090/kwh, what is the cost of running the mircrowave for 6hr



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The energy utilized is given by the product of power and time. Power is given by the product of voltage and current. Here the microwave draws a voltage of 5 A from a 120 V outlet. The power drawn is voltage * current

=> 5* 120

=> 600 Watt or 0.6 kW

When the oven is run for 6 hr, it uses 0.6 * 6 = 3.6 Kilowatt hour. Each kWh costs $ 0.09 or 9 cents.

Therefore the cost of energy is 0.09* 3.6 = $ 0.324 or 32.4 cents.

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it will cost an estimated 6 dollars and 66 cents

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