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Are the meanings currently in circulation for words First Motion relevant.Refer Act II...

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Are the meanings currently in circulation for words First Motion relevant.

Refer Act II sc I of julius caesar [Brutus' dialogue]

What is the meaning of the words FIRST MOTION?

The meanings under circulation for the word MOTION as [a] Idea or [b] impulse  or [c] conception are correct?

Then what is the meaning of the word FIRST MOTION which logically fits into the context herein?  My enquiry into this had made me conclude as follows.

1. Motion=movement

2.movement= dynamics

3.dynamics are of two types by nature i.e [a] physical dynamics and [b] moral dynamics

4.Moral dynamics=virtues


There are seven cardinal virtues of which four are natural virtues [a] justice [b] prudence [c] temperence [d] fortitude

and the other three are theological virtues [a] faith [b] hope [c] charity.

Of these seven Shakespeare is talking about THE FIRST MOTION  and that is JUSTICE.


[a] Killing Caesar is a dreadful act.

[b] If left to live Caesar would kill Justice.

[c] The debate is between love for Caesar and the general good of the Romans by saving justice.

[d] A difficult choice which makes Brutus spend sleep less nights.



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