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Mayans Calendar 2012The mayans calendar ends in December of the year 2012. There are...

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Mayans Calendar 2012

The mayans calendar ends in December of the year 2012. There are signs that a castastrophe is in the brewing. From the war in Iraq and tensions in the Russian borders to Global warming and the melting of artic ice shelves in what seems like a quickening pace. Is this the beginning of the end or will Obama/McCain save us all?

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Think about it: If this were the beginning of the end, as you ask, how can you expect mere mortals like McCain and Obama to "save" us?

The Mayan calendar pertains to the Mayan belief system, and that's all. You can read all about it at this link:


For a different take on Mayan myth, read Steve Alten's Domain trilogy. The first two books are titled Domain and Resurrection. The third book hasn't been published yet, and I'm waiting patiently for it!

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Calendars don't end.  The mayans calendar doesn't end it simply starts over, the global warming has probably happened several times on the planet.  It is just a cycle, it will pass.  Don't worry 2012 will come and go just like any other year.  I found a good post that explains the calendar and where it came from (http://www.mayanscalendar.net/mayan-calendars/mayan-calendar-2012-end-of-the-world.html)  check it out.

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Just because the system of counting might end, that doesn't mean that there would be a calamity in the process.  That might be a faulty assumption. The calendar would just continue anyway.

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I think we need to be careful about interpreting contemporary political and global events as being part of a global warm up for annihiliation. There have always been global issues of concern that are potentially very threatening and which deserve our attention. They do not, however, justify scaremongering and prophesying. So Obama will save us all!

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The calendar only ended because there were no Mayans around to keep extending it. It's actually quite xmextraordinary that it went as far as 2012. If the Mayans still existed, they would continue the calendar. We read too much into this.

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