Math teachers: what hardware or software would you buy for $10,000?My assignment is to survey math teachers to get their opinions on what hardware or software they would get to upgrade their...

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I had a wireless tablet at my previous job. It was great! It was from SMART technologies, so it had all of the programs that a SMART board has. I would also like a document camera. I would scan things and show them on the projector.

I think in order to have the wireless tablet work well, you need a good laptop and projector.


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I received a Smartboard this year for my 7th-12th grade classroom and I would suggest that every teacher purchase one.  For a math teacher, it really helps to have a graph paper background for those times when I am graphing with the class.  It also creates a large screen that students can see easily, even those with vision problems. 

As cburr said, it does vastly enhance the teaching environment as well as in my opinion, the students' attitudes towards learning.

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I would seriously consider a SMART Board or similar technology.  They cost in the neighborhood of $5000 and vastly enhance the teaching environment, especially if students are invited to work at the SMART Board and if assignments are pushed out to the students' own computers.

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I agree that the smartboard would be best. However, in the interest of savings, if all of your math classrooms had a document camera and digital projector that would be a good start. The document camera was great because you could should a student's work to the whole class.

There are also wireless tablets that connect to the digital projector (via the computer) that are very useful. They allow a teacher to wander around the room while still putting material on the screen. They also allow students to work out problems on the board from their seat.


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I would like to buy a smartboard and document camera. As a special ed teacher (that teaches all subjects) the Smart board would be a helpful addition in the area of Math. The document camera would help in the way of having much more students than I have actual textbooks. In this way I could use one text book to teach the whole class from the whiteboard giving every student a chance.

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