Material for World War Two.  There is a great deal of information these days about the military aspects of the war, including excellent movies and books.There is not so much on the Home Front...

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Although much of the war is attributed to soldiers who fought on the frontlines, there were others who helped out with the war effort in their own ways.  Women, in particular, fileld in their husband's missing spots at the workplace, and many even worked in supply and munitions factories.  Still, many women, including celebrities, volunteered at the USO to bring entertainment and comfort to the young men fighting on behalf of the country.  Older men and handicaps not fit to fight volunteered or worked in efforts such as production or the sellign of war bonds to help finance the war.  Children even collected spare metal or rubber that could become of use to the military, and many people cut down on food, so more of it could be sent to the GIs.  Some companies such as Ford were major contractors for military vehicles, including aircraft!

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