mass of a sun-like star is 2.50 x 10^5 Earth masses and  radius is  101.0 times that of Earth. density of Earth is 5,500 kg/m^3. What is the density of this star?

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To solve for this, the values for the mass and radius of earth is necessary.


Mass of the sun-like star:

`= Mass of the earth * 2.50x10^5`

`= 5.9736×10^24 kg *2.50x10^5`

`= 1.4934x10^30 kg`


Volume of the sun-like star:

Get the radius of the sun-like star first.


Radius = radius of the earth (mean radius) x 101.0

`Radius = 6,371,000 m * 101.0`

`Radius = 643,471,000 m`


Volume (sphere)

`= 4/3 *pi*r^3`

`= 4/3*pi*(643,471,000)^3`

`= 1.116x10^27 m^3`



`Density = (mass)/(volume)`

`Density = (1.4934x10^30 kg)/(1.116x10^27 m^3)`

Density = 1,338 `(kg)/(m^3)`


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