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 Mary feels torn: should she tell him the truth now or should she rely on human...

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 Mary feels torn: should she tell him the truth now or should she rely on human resources staff to tell him?

Mary works as a secretary in a department within a branch of a large corporation. The branch director has decided that the job of her department director, Jim, will soon be discontinued. Although Mary and a few others in her department have this knowledge, Jim does not.  For a few weeks, Jim is directed to work on an array of special projects at his home office. In the meantime, an employee from a different department is told to move in to Jim's office.

The branch director instructs Mary and other support staff to change Jim's voice mail, move his files out of the office, and erase his name from his assigned parking spot. Mary is told the human resources department will call Jim to let him know what has taken place.

That week Jim calls Mary because he cannot get into his voice mail. He wants to know if there are any technical problems about which he should know.

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Mary was specifically told by her supervisor that she is to remain quiet about the situation so she needs to keep this in mind. Regardless of what Mary does it is very unclear to me why Jim's employer is keeping him in the dark regarding employment with the company. Companies should "let people go" with dignity. Being dishonest and hiding the truth from Jim is not a very compassionate way to fire an employee. I believe that Mary needs to express to Jim that he needs to call his boss to find out why his voice mail isn't working. I do not think that she should tell Jim what is really going on. In all honesty, it does not pertain to her in any way. Seeing employers treat people this way is not good for morale and I would imagine it would be hard as an employee to respect these people. They sound cowardly.

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