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Which of the following is true of the march from Selma to Montgomery?a. proved the...

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Which of the following is true of the march from Selma to Montgomery?

a. proved the integrity of state, county and city law enforcement to "Protect and Serve." b. proved that Southerners had finally come to accept equality for African Americans. c. showed that sometimes it takes the national government to protect this nation's citizens, even from the police d. all the above. c is my answer for this

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You are correct to have picked C.  It is the only answer that makes any sense here.

To begin with, you should eliminate D right away.  The reason for this is that not all of the above answers can possibly be true.  Some of them contradict one another and therefore they cannot all be true at the same time.  A and B could both be true, but if they are true, C could not be true.

Furthermore, we know that the marches from Selma to Montgomery were marred by violence.  We know that the state and local police did not protect the marchers but rather attacked them.  This makes A and B false.

We also know the National Guard had to be called out and put under federal control to protect the third march.  This clearly makes C the right choice.

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