Who are the major characters in the "Tempest" and how do we distinguish them from m inor characters?How are they special? What quotes makes them special. is there any relationships that cause...

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The easiest way to find a list of characters in a play is to look at the beginning of the play in your textbook. You will see a page with the heading “Dramatis Personae” (people of the play) that lists and describes the characters.

There are some characters who are readily identifiable as major because they have significant roles in the plot of the play, and numerous lines. The five most important characters in the play are:

Prospero—the  legitimate Duke of Milan.
Miranda—Prospero’s daughter.
Ferdinand—Son of Alonso, King of Naples.
Ariel—a spirit
Caliban— a monster

Also significant in the plot but somewhat less important are:

Alonso—Ferdinand’s father, the King of Naples,.
Antonio—Prospero’s brother,.
Sebastian—Alonso’s brother.
Gonzalo—An old councilor.
Stephano—Alonso’s “drunken butler”
Trinculo—the king’s jester

Minor characters, who often don't have names, or only limited lines  are:

Adrian and Francisco—two lords
Iris, Ceres, Juno, Nymphs, and Reapers—spirits

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I peronally think that Prospero is one of the main characters, he is a trained magician and therefore is able to take control over other creatures aswell as his magic.  During the play we see that  Prospero takes control over Ariel and Caliban.

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