Is the main conflict in The Black Pearl Ramon diving against his father's wishes or actually finding the black pearl?Is the main conflict in The Black Pearl Ramon diving against his father's wishes...

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The conflict would have to be Ramon wanting to learn how to dive. Ramon's father wanted him to learn how to run the pearl business, not actually do the pearl diving himself. Part of his wish that Ramon not learn to dive was fear for Ramon's safety in a dangerous job. The other reason was one of misplaced pride. Ramon's family was now considered to be wealthy. Therefore, Ramon must uphold the family status and not "get his hands dirty" working as a menial laborer. Ramon disobeys his father and sneaks off to learn the trade of pearl diving from an old Indian. His disobedience and the greed of the Spaniard causes the downfall of his family's business. None of this would have happened if Ramon had followed his father's wishes. That is conflict, the main problem in a story.

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I think that that main conflict is both. His father did not want him diving with him becuase if they did and they had a storm, the whole Salazar businness would be lost. Also, it is finding the black pearl because if Ramon did not find the black earl then the bad luck to the Salazar family would not have happend.

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