Machiavelli might be describes as a sixteenth-century spin doctor teaching a ruler how to package himself.Adapt Machiavelli advice to a current figure in national, state, or local politics and...

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The term "spin doctor" tend to create impression that the the teaching or advice of Machiavelli are not very sound or effective in achieving the goals claimed to be achievable by the advice, and the term "packaging"suggests that in any case the advice is designed to only make things appear different rather than bring about substantial change. If these two terms have been used for the advice of Machiavelli, as contained in his book The Prince, I beg to differ from whoever makes that statement, even if that person is a great writer like Mark Twain.

The advice of Machiavelli is based on very clear study of past events and logic. The book contains examples of this past events as ell as the logic of the advice. Besides many of the principals and methods suggested by Machiavelli are supported by experts in the field of human behavior and management. Also the advice is directed at enabling people aspiring political powers to gain and retain political control over different territories (termed as principalities) and the population of such territories. It is much more than just packaging. It is about increasing real power and about good administration.

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