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I'm revising "The Tempest" for a retake. Could anyone help me with the...

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I'm revising "The Tempest" for a retake. Could anyone help me with the characters? Why are each of them included in the play?

, what are there purposes?basically i read that each character is a tool of shakespeares, but as i don't know the play very well, i need some help in working out how each character would be percieved as a tool, and what they have been put in the play to do.

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It is interesting how Shakespeare's characters all serve a unique purpose in this play. Delving in to each character will take time. Just for starters, the play surrounds Prospero--without his magic, Alonso's ship never would have wrecked--leaving no plot whatsoever. Miranda, Prospero's daughter, gives the only female perspective in the play. Albeit, her perspective is naive, it is raw and somewhat unpredictable for women of that era. Antonio is responsible for Prospero's exile--without his intentions, there would be no motive for an exile. Gonzalo is the voice of reason, and the character who helped Prospero and Miranda in the past; therefore, he provides hope and honesty to the other characters, as well as the audience.

Try to look at what happens to each character throughout the play, before attempting to determine his or her purpose. Once you know the play, it will be easier to see the individual reasons why each is included.

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