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ls it possible to increase height at the age of 17? What can be done?I'm 17 yrs old...

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ls it possible to increase height at the age of 17? What can be done?

I'm 17 yrs old girl with a height of 5 ft 1 inch and would like to increase 2-3 more inches. what would be the most effective method? Is it too late for me to grow more?

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♣ Durind adolescence we go through puberty. Many hormonal and sexual changes takes place during this vital process.

Growth hormones are released during this period which lets the growth of mental and physical states of body

proper secreation of hormones can be proved good with proper and suitable developement while release of hormones  in an unbalanced  way may lead to many or certain ailments such as dwarfism or giantism.

♣ your height may also influenced by genetics.

→ Steps to be taken to increase height to certain extents are :-

  1.  exercising or performing some particular exercises  which can increase height.
  2. get plenty of sleep
  3. eating or consuming the specific nutrients rich diet. for example you must eat food containing protein, calcium dietary fibre, zinc etc. sufficient milk and 3 times meal should be taken.
  4. you must consult a doctor.
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Although you've probably done the most of your growing, you will probably naturally grow a little bit more. There's no age that women generally stop growing until the metabolism naturally starts to decrease and we lose lean mass, which is normally between 18 and 25. To keep up your metabolism for longer, an hours activity and a balanced diet- so a healthy lifestyle- is vital. Amino acids found in proteins are vital to growth, as well as calcium for a healthy bone structure. Taking all that into account, do remember that there are many different environmental and social factors that affect height. Being genuinely content will impact your health and your health will impact your abillity to grow. However, long term exposure to certain things, traumas or past lifestyle choices could have already impacted your height in childhood and there may be only so much growing you can physically do. And although genetics do play a part, studies suggest that children do grow to be taller than, or the same height as their parents!

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