Loyalty and "The Kite Runner"How can loyalty shown by "The Kite Runner" be broken down into two more parts? The only one I have is how Hassan was attacked by Assef because he would not...

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Another incident in addition to the one you have already mentioned is where Hassan shows loyalty to Amir when Amir accuses him of stealing his watch.  When Amir's father asks Hassan if he stole the watch, which Amir has planted under Hassan's pillow, Hassan answers in the affirmative.  Even though Amir has shown cruel lack of character and his unworthiness as a friend by accusing Hassan falsely of the theft, Hassan remains loyal to Amir, admitting to a crime he did not commit so that Amir would not be exposed as a liar before his own father.

Throughout his life, Amir is tormented by his own weaknesses, and haunted by the disloyalty and treachery with which he has always treated Hassan, especially since Hassan had always been unquestioningly loyal to him.  Amir finally succeeds in demonstrating his own faithfulness to Hassan after Hassan is dead.  Amir makes the dangerous journey back to Afghanistan to rescue Hassan's son Sohrab from the Taliban, confronting the brutal Assef, who has grown up to become a high-ranking member of the extremist group, and bringing Sohrab home to America to raise as his own. 

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