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Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" is run by two men named Graves and Summers. What...

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Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery" is run by two men named Graves and Summers. What significance can you see in the choices of names? 

I have to do an essay with this question and I need an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement... can someone help me with this? Or if you can't, please answer my question the best way you can.

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Author Shirley Jackson obviously chose many of the names of her characters for symbolic purposes. Mr. Graves, one of the officials of the lottery, has the responsibility of maintaining the black box in which the names of the villagers are drawn. The "winning" name will tragically signify which person will be stoned--and sent to their grave. His wife, Mrs. Graves, is right up front when the stones begin to fly. The richest man in town, Joe Summers is the head of the all-important lottery, which takes place on June 27th--in the early summer, hence his own name. Other names serve symbolic purposes:

  • Tessie Hutchinson is based on the Puritan woman Anne Hutchinson (1591-1643), who was tried as a heretic and banished (but not stoned or burned) from Massachusetts colony for her religious beliefs.
  • Dickie Delacroix's name is French for "of the cross."
  • Old Man Warner constantly "warns" the villagers of the importance of the lottery--making him a "warner."
  • The Adams' are the first family to draw from the box--symbolic of the first man created by God.


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