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looking for questions to use for my dissertation questionnaire. R.E:  Punishment Vs...

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looking for questions to use for my dissertation questionnaire. R.E:  Punishment Vs Treatment for sentencing crime. Hypothesis in explanation.

hypothesis: People perceive custodial sentencing to be more effective, in reducing crime and serving as a justified punishment, rather than community sentencing or rehabilitation.

Basically looking for questions that will genuinely show if the participant believes: punish all criminals, Give treatment to all criminals or punish or treat the criminal depending on the severity of their offence.  Hope I have explained well this is my first post on enotes.com : )

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I think you have made yourself clear...  Obviously, when you are doing this you need to be very careful with the way you word the final product so that you don't bias your respondents.  Anyway, here are a few that I hope will help:

  • In your opinion, is it possible for a criminal to be rehabilitated through counseling?

You might want to ask this for a variety of types of crime, or for a variety of types of noncustodial punishments (community service, probation, etc)

  • Please rate each of the following from 1 to 5 in terms of its ability to reduce the rate of crime.

I think this will get moved over to the discussion board.  If so, maybe you can give a bit more info, some ideas you have, etc.  For instance, I'm wondering if you are asking for what people think is effective (as you say in your hypothesis) or what people think is just (as implied by your second paragraph).  The type of question you ask would depend a great deal on that distinction.

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