Looking for a good declamation piece for a high school student.What is the best declamation piece for a 3rd year high school student, that is not too long and not too short?

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i think that would be "the rich man and the poor man".

or, "land of bondage, land of the free".

just research for the piece..

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i guess the best answer for that is "the visit"... just research about the piece

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I'm also a 3rd year student. You could try The Champion just research for the piece. :)

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It really depends on several factors including whether you want a comedy or a serious piece, how much cutting you are willing to do, if you are doing a duo or a solo, and what kind of message you want to send with your performance.

My most favorite duo piece I have seen is "Fight Club". I use this one as an example for my Oral Interpretation class at school. I have also seen cuttings from "The Chalk Garden", and "The Odd Couple" that have worked well.

Click on the link below to see the "Fight Club" video. Good Luck!

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I once did an extraction of "i have a dream" by martin luther king....and won the third prize....so try it .....its tempting and strong

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Lucille Fletcher's "The Hitchhiker".  It wowed 'em when I dramatically declaimed it in 1966, and I won a first place award in the State.

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"the rich man and the poor man" >>>>is good.

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"Seven Ages of Man" from As You Like It or The New Colossus by Emma Lazarus

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