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Question concerning the U. S. Constitution as literature.  In many English III...

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Question concerning the U. S. Constitution as literature.


In many English III textbooks, students only have to read a small part of the Constitution so that more poetry and fiction can also be included. Argue for or against having all students read as much as you were required to read in this online course. Consider to what extent it is beneficial to be exposed to it.

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I'm not sure of the specifics concerning your question, but as a longtime English teacher, I can tell you that I have never come close to teaching every single story from the huge literature textbooks provided by my schools. It is usually up to the teacher to use whatever sections of the text he/she desires, and I often supplemented those stories with others of my choice from other texts. Your teacher may deem reading the entire Constitution more important than reading other sections of the text. I think that would be more appropriate for a social studies class, and I would probably only utilize a small section of it. I used to avoid most of the early American literature selections (mostly the pre-1700 stuff) since it was of poor quality and tough to digest; other teachers may find it fascinating and essential, however.


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