List the members of the clergy in The Canterbury Tales.

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The Nun

The Prioress


The Monk

The Canon

The Cleric

The Priest

The Fryar

The Pardoner

The Summoner

The Parson

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In "The Canterbury Tales," by Geoffrey Chaucer, a large group of twenty-nine travelers is headed to Canterbury on a pilgrimage.  They intend to worship at the shrine of Saint Thomas a Becket.  Most of them are members of the middle class, but there are also some nobles, some clergy, and a few peasants.

There are ten members of the clergy included in the group.  They include

  1. The Prioress
  2. The Monk
  3. The Friar
  4. The Nun
  5. The Priest
  6. The Cleric
  7. The Parson
  8. The Summoner
  9. The Pardoner
  10. The Canon

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