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List important characteristics of p-block elements.

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List important characteristics of p-block elements.

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The p block elements are grouped as follows:

13 (IIIB, IIIA): Boron group

14 (IVB, IVA): Carbon group

15 (VB, VA): Nitrogen group (or pnictogens)

16 (VIB, VIA): Chalcogens

17 (VIIB, VIIA): Halogens

18 (Group 0): Noble gases (excluding helium)


The p-block elements are the most diverse block in the periodic table (metals, non metals, metalloids, and inert gases). This means that they do not have a lot of similarities as a whole. 

Since the shift from left to right is from metal to non metal, the metal elements tend to have less metallic property compared to s and d block elements. Metals in the p block elements are in general have lower melting points ans are softer compared to the transition metals.


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