List and explain examples of diversity in the United States.  

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There are many ways in which the population of the United States is quite diverse.  Here are some examples:

  • Racial diversity.  There are, of course, Americans who come from all racial backgrounds.  In addition, there are many Americans who are of mixed racial heritage.
  • Ethnic diversity.  Within the various races, there are many different ethnicities.  For example, there are "black" people who are from the Dominican Republic and there are "black" people who have recently come from Africa.  These different people will have very different cultures and ethnicities.
  • Rural and urban diversity.  Americans can differ from one another a great deal depending on where they live.  Values and political opinions tend to differ between rural and urban areas.
  • Religious diversity.  America has a broad array of religions as well as a number of people who believe in no religion.

All of these are examples of ways in which the US is a diverse society.

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