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life on marsis life possible on mars?

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life on mars

is life possible on mars?

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Currently, life on Mars is not possible.  We need the technology to travel there.  Then we need the technology to maintain the harsh climate.  We never thought we'd go on the moon though.  I know it may be possible someday.

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Without major changes to the planet itself, life on Mars is impossible. I would think that one would need to create an artificial atmosphere and a water source. Without either, life would not be possible to sustain on the planet.

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I'm not sure the question is asking whether human life is possible on Mars, but whether life of any kind is possible there. Mars does apparently have water in small amounts, but a recent examination of the atmosphere by Curiosity, the probe that landed there earlier this year, has revealed no methane, an organic gas that would have been a sign of habitability.


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Yeah life is possible on Mars. 95% is CO2 in Mars so, we can plant trees in an air tight glass room.

For more info www.wikipedia.org

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