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Write a letter to Dill from Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.Dill left Scout and Jem...

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Write a letter to Dill from Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Dill left Scout and Jem after the town learned of Tom's death. Since then, many things have happened of which he is not aware; many changes occurred in both Maycomb and involving some people who he knew that he had not been told about. But there are also some things that have not changed which Dill probably hoped would have. 

Pretend you are Scout. Write a letter to Dill catching him up to date about things which you think would interest him. Refer to specific clues in the text. Use first person and write in the style and language which you think Scout would use.

1-1/2 pages.

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ENotes editors do not write papers for students, but I will be happy to provide some suggestions for your letter.

I would concentrate on the events of the Halloween night when the children are attacked by Bob Ewell. This makes every other event in the story seem minor, and it is the single most important act in Scout's life: Jem is injured, Bob is killed, and she finally gets to meet Boo Radley, her new hero. Also, don't forget that Scout and Dill are engaged, so Scout would share some romantic talk with her boyfriend. You may want to mention in passing some of the events prior to Halloween: Bob losing his job and blaming Atticus; Bob stalking Tom's wife, Helen; and Judge Taylor's prowler (Bob again). But all of this should take a back seat to the attack on the children, Jem's recovery, and how Scout is dealing with life without her Dill. Remember, Scout is still very young, and some of the more fanciful writing in the novel is written from her adult perspective. Write it as an eight-year-old would--but as the precocious Scout, not a normal eight-year-old.


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