Is Leper Lepellier static or dynamic in A Separate Peace?I think he is dynamic because he turns physco after the army and he stops his testimony during ch 10-11 because he knows he's making a fool...

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You are correct; Leper is a dynamic character.  In your answer you want to make a clear distinction on how Leper changed.

When Leper is first introduced, he is a nature loving, laid back person.  He is considered harmless and is well-liked by his friends.  He has a conscience and morals.  The army changes all that.  His experience in the army acts as his coming of age experience.  He loses his innocence and is exposed to the horrors and evils of the world.  When Leper comes back after going AWOL from the army, he is no longer a child.  He is jaded and mentally unstable.

Since Leper isn't a major character in the story, there aren't too many examples of his dynamic nature.  Nonetheless, he certainly has changed due to his brush with the war.

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