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In The Kite Runner, what is the universal message about loyalty? I am writing a essay...

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In The Kite Runner, what is the universal message about loyalty?

I am writing a essay for 10th grade lit class and wanted to come up with a solid thesis statement about loyalty in the novel. The thesis has to be a controversial, universal message. I was thinking something along the lines of "mutual loyalty is a key ingredient in a sucessful relationship"

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Part of Amir's journey is to fully grasp the powerful notions of transcendent truths such as loyalty.  His entire journey both from Afghanistan and back to it seems to rest in the reclamation of such ideas.  

When the notion of "to be good again" is posited in the opening of the book, it helps to establish the idea that Amir's quest is to reclaim this aspect of his identity.  Loyalty to his friendships and the bonds that define his being are parts of this.  

Loyalty is shown in how Amir returns to Afghanistan and does not shy from the connective bonds he has towards Hassan, both in recognizing his true place within his being and in honoring the connection he has towards Sohrab.  

For Amir, the recognition of the importance of loyalty is something transcendent.  It haunts him in his abandonment of Hassan as a child, lingers over him in his time in America, and compels him to return.  It is something that is not temporal.  

In a world of mutability, loyalty is something that seems to haunt Amir, compelling him to act in a manner that upholds it. The fact that loyalty and the need to honor it even when it seems to be in the past is part of how the value of loyalty is presented as a universal value.


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