What was funny about the snowman that Scout and Jem made in To Kill a Mockingbird?      

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The snowman was "funny" in that it looked very much like Mr. Avery, a neighbor who blamed the changing weather on children's bad behavior.  He claimed it was found in the Rosetta Stone.  Atticus recognized the similarities between Mr. Avery and the snowman, and told the children to make appropriate changes.  Scout and Jem borrowed Ms. Maudie's hat to turn it into a female, and Ms. Maudie referred to it as a "morphodite." 

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The children made the snowman look like a neighbor of theirs and when Atticus saw it, he told them to make appropriate changes because the snowman was not nice. However, since he told them to change it, the kids borrowed Ms Maudie's hat in order to change it.                                 

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They make it look like him because they don't like him. Also, they start building it and realise he has the shape of a snowman.

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