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In To Kill a Mockingbird (from Chapters 28-31), what are important quotes for the...

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In To Kill a Mockingbird (from Chapters 28-31), what are important quotes for the characters Bob Ewell, Atticus, Scout, Jem and Aunt Alexandra?


Detailed important quotes, please, and titled by the chapter and character.


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ATTICUS.  Atticus displays his gratitude to Boo for protecting Jem and Scout in his typical reserved manner.

"Thank you for my children, Arthur," he said. (Chapter 30)

JEM.  Perhaps the last words Jem speaks in the novel are his most heroic. When the children realize that their stalker is now running toward them, Jem prepares to defend Scout.

     "Run, Scout! Run! Run!" Jem screamed.  (Chapter 28) 

SCOUT.  Scout's fantasies about Boo finally materialize when she sees him standing in the shadows of Jem's room. "Hey, Boo," I said. Scout understands Sheriff Tate's decision to keep Boo's name out of the official report of Bob's death and "draggin' him with his shy ways into the limelight."

     "Well, it'd be sort of like shootin' a mockingbird, wouldn't it?"  (Chapter 30)

AUNT ALEXANDRA.  Alexandra's motherly instincts finally emerge following Bob's attack on the children.

... had I thought about it then, I would never have let her forget it: in her distraction, Aunty brought me my overalls. "Put these on, darling," she said, handing me the garments she most despised.  (Chapter 28)

BOB EWELL.  The only utterance by Bob during these chapters comes when Scout accidentally stumbles into him during the attack on the children.

Its owner said, "Uff!"... His stomach was soft but his arms were like steel. He slowly squeezed the breath out of me.  (Chapter 28)


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Thank you :)


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