Jonas is shocked to see how his Father Releases the Twin. How would you feel? explain your feelings as you & The Giver watch that horrifying video playback of the Twin   ʼ s Release....

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I would have felt the same sense of betrayal that Jonas felt. He grew up believing one thing about his community. His sense of "nationalism" or "patriotism"--his identity with regard to his place in the community--was all based upon misconceptions. His relationship with his father, based upon what he thought he knew about the man, was all a lie. This would have been a monumental blow to Jonas's self identity.

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Whenever I teach this book, I always read this chapter out loud.  For kids who have never read the book before, it is quite a powerful chapter.  This year, I had identical twin girls both in the same class.  It made it even more powerful.

For me, this is the moment when you realize things are horribly wrong in the community.  Up until then there were a lot of little hints, especially Asher being beaten for saying the wrong word to the point that he stops talking.  The cold, sterile murder of a newborn really hits home though.

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This is really a matter of personal opinion.  However, it seems likely that a person watching that video would be shocked beyond belief.  You would be seeing your "father," a man you respect and trust, destroying a life.  You would be seeing that one of the whole bases of your society (the idea that Release is a good thing) was a big lie.  That would have to cause you to have a profound sense that you had been betrayed by those you trusted.

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It was one of the most exciting parts in the novel I think. The people in the community also Jonas don't know the real meaning of "release". They think that the person who is released by someone goes to "Elsewhere". But when Jonas wants to watch his father "releasing a baby", I start to understand there will be something strange. I learned the real meaning of "release" after the video and I felt bad for all the people. Also for Rosemary because she was a volunteer for being released.

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