Jim's kiss brings happiness, illusion and pain symbolized by "the hornless unicorn". More importantly, what it has left to Laura as below?What Jim's kiss has left to Laura is making her a new,...

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Jim's kiss may momentarily give Laura a new confidence; however, that confidence is short-lived. Shortly after the kiss Jim tells Laura he is engaged and won't be calling again. In response, she gives him the "hornless unicorn" indicating that he will be taking her newfound confidence with him. This idea is reinforced when Tom is talking during the epilogue of the play. As Tom speaks, he says, "Blow out your candles, Laura." As Laura blows out the candles on the candelabra, the play ends. The candelbra is another symbol for Laura, for like Laura, its shape is not quite normal. It had almost been destroyed in a church fire. Similarly, Laura had almost been destroyed by the loss of her father and her disability. The candelabra is lighted only during the time she and Jim spend together. This is another symbol of Laura's "illumination" during the time spent with Jim. However, after both Jim and Tom have left, she blows out the candles, indicating the sense of normalcy and brightness she experienced with Jim has disappeared.

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