When Jem says he's "just got this feeling," what is he worried about in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Jem is expecting trouble.  He has a bad feeling that something is wrong and his father is in danger.

Scout says that, “Jem's got the look-arounds,” which means that he is worried about something.  Jem goes to find Atticus, and he is not in his office.  The children realize that he is somewhere else, so they keep looking until they find him outside the jail where Tom Robinson is being kept.

Atticus was sitting propped against the front door. He was sitting in one of his office chairs, and he was reading, oblivious of the nightbugs dancing over his head. (Ch 15)

What happens next is important.  Scout and Jem have to watch their father face down a mob of angry men who want to lynch Tom.  Both children demonstrate bravery that night, and so does Atticus.


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