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Irony in "The Most Dangerous Game"What types of irony are used in "The Most Dangerous...

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Irony in "The Most Dangerous Game"

What types of irony are used in "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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I think the most significant irony is that when Rainsford kills General Zarroff at the end, he is doing so to end the game his own way.  He is not playing the game, but in a way he is.  The descriptions of the place and General as civilized are also ironic.

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The situational irony of the world famous hunter, Rainsford, being castaway on the island owned by Zaroff, a world-class hunter who has become obsessed with hunting humans, is beautifully contrived by the author.

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In addition to the ironies mentioned above, the title also presents an example of irony. The double entendre presented in the title is an example of verbal irony, playing on two distinct meanings of the word "game". Game is the animal that is hunted and is also a thing that is played.  

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