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Into the WildWhen McCandless donated his savings to charity, changed his name, and...

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Into the Wild

When McCandless donated his savings to charity, changed his name, and disappeared from the lives of his family, it represented a significant turning point in his life. What clues do we get from his youth—from his childhood and his high school years—that help us better understand the kind of person he would become? List at least 5 of these clues here, and explore at least one in greater detail.

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I would say he was somewhat of a loner and self-sufficient.  This would give you a clue that he might do something that involved isolation, and that he might be successful doing a difficult task on his own.  He did, of course!

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I think one fact from his childhood which one could use to justify his disappearance is his running in cross country. Cross country is a sport where it is the runner and the elements. He obviously was inspired by nature, given his later disappearance into the Alaskan wilderness.

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Chris had wanted t be independent from a very young age, as his early forays into enterprize (such as his copying business and his door-to-door selling) show. He was keen to push himself, to excel at what he did ant to 'profit' from his efforts. Increasingly, the 'profit' was spiritual rather than material fulfillment.

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From the time he was a boy, Chris was fascinated by -- even obsessed with -- the writings of jack London, especially those (such as "To Build a Fire") that dealt with Alaska and with journeys into the wilderness. His preoccupation with London's works helps to account both for the place and the manner of his death.

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