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If the interests of "big business" is profit, what are the interests of...

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If the interests of "big business" is profit, what are the interests of environmentalists?

My interest is in how big business corporations might apply influence in politics, media and through skeptical scientists to confuse the issue of global warming.

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The best way to answer this is to analyse the concepts of “big business” and “environmentalist” more carefully.

Each of us acts as an individual. We may personally care about the environment because of affection for a place (a beach, a fishing stream, a hiking trail), concern about future generations, or religious beliefs. These are all motivations we have as individuals, and we may take various actions as individuals in response to them (planting trees, participating in clean-ups, recycling, eco-consumerism, political activism).

As well as being individuals, we also may work for or support various organizations. Businesses can be for-profit corporations (most big businesses are) or not-for-profit (as most NGOs and environmental organizations). The stated aim of all for-profit corporations is to make money for their shareholders, although many try to do so in a socially and environmentally responsible fashion. Not-for-profit organization also have specific goals set out in mission statements such as caring for the sick, saving wildlife, providing religious services, or educating children.

Individual environmentalists have individual motives. Not-for-profit environmental organizations each have explicit missions.


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