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You need to help us out - what is it  about integers that you want to discuss?  If you ask a good question or pose an idea, you'll get lots of discussion and help here, but you have to be clear on what it is you want to know.

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Hello khixmocoh37, Is there anything specific that you would like to know about intergers, Like how Intergers are used all throughout math. Intergers can be negaives, Positives, but cannot be Fractions or decimals, ex, 0.67 is not an interger but 6,7,8,9, ect is. Intergers go on forvever in the negatives, -2365, -2364, -2363, etc and 567, 568, 569, etc. I mean if there is anything more specific that you would like to know i would be happy to help you further


Good luck, Moocow!

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I like to joke with my students that math goes backwards once you reach algebra.  When you are younger, adding and subtracting are easy and multiplying and dividing are hard.  Then you hit algebra, and integers, and suddenly multiplying and dividing are easier than adding and subtracting!

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well I don't know what you want so I'm just gonna tell you what integers are.

integers are number, that includes negative and positive numbers, and a non-nagative and non-positive number called "zero". All integers are whole number, so someting like 2.56 is NOT a integer.

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Intergers are whole numbers and their opposites.  2 is an integer and -2 is also an integer.


However 2.5 and -2.5 are not integers because 2.5 is not a whole nummber!

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