important terminology of English literatureI want important terminology of literature, specially english literature for instance, alegy, ode, epic etc. If someone could kindly mail me the...

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An informative college text that provides examples and definitions of many terms is Perrine's Literature:  Structure, Sound & Sense publlshed by Wadsworth:  Cengage Learning.

You can probably obtain some older editions rather inexpensively from places like Amazon.  Here is the company's website: This site is the online store.  Another site is

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This is a very broad question, and there are really too many literary terms to conquer here in the space provided editors to answer.  Do you have specific terms you are interested in, or specific genre of literature we can target?  Some terms are the same no matter the genre...setting, point of view, speaker/narrator, tone, mood, denotation, connotation; some differ from genre to genre--poetry has a separate set from drama, etc. 

Poster #1 has given you the link to the literary terms provided here at enotes.  You can do similar searches online and find others with definitions and examples to help you understand and apply the terms correctly when reading and writing about literature.

Good Luck!

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This is kind of a broad question. In most forms of literature you need to know the basics of plot structure analysis and characterization. For example, the basics of plot are in the story grammar of rising action, conflict/inciting incident, climax, falling action and resolution. These are very basic though. You also should know the genres (you mentioned some) and the characteristics of each. Poetry has very different terms and analysis associated with it than general fiction, for example.
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I really admire you for wanting to learn the foundations of any good study--the teminology. I'm including a link to an excellent eNotes source which can help you. Do some exploring and read some of the questions and answers and I think you will feel better prepared to use literary terminology. Good luck!

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